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04 May, 2009

foods I don't like: Soft cheese

Never been a fan of Camembert and all it's soft cheese friends, it looks to squishy and yuk, so I have never tried it. The other day I was in a shop and there were many sandwiches to choose from, but most of them had chicken in them, so the selection I would eat was actually really small. The only vaguely nice sounding one had ham, mustard, other stuff and Camembert. I had to risk it, as I was starving. It turned out to be quite nice (I have now had the same sandwich a couple more times, it's still good)
Anyway, to cut a long story only a tiny bit shorter, I wouldn't eat a chunk of it, but I won't avoid it if it's in some thing else (like risotto, which I have already tried, it was good.)

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