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02 April, 2009

Motorcycle group ride

OK, so it's true that when I thought of this task, I had only envisaged a ride with me Neil Scott and one or two others I could scrape up, but when the BMW Club "Circum Vic Major Mitchell Trail" trip came up, I decided it was two good an opportunity, as I had always wanted to do the Major Mitchell Trail too! (shame I never made that a task on my list really!!)
So we have been and come back, it was a huge week, and mostly it was fantastic! I really enjoyed it and will seriously think of doing another one. Here are my posts about it.


Tempewytch said...

Sounds like you had a great time AND knocked another one off the list - double bonus!

beesknees said...

yay you! glad you had a good time - just to be picky - be more gushy in your travel posts! I wasnt sure whether you enjoyed it or not until reading this post ;)

Louise said...

it was hard to be excited when I wrote them, as I was mostly BUGGERED!